Photo by Jenn Murphy
Photo by Jenn Murphy

It may seem like the season of glamorous dresses and shiny gold trophies is lightyears away, but really, we’re already in the thick of awards season. The summer of superhero movies, tentpoles and franchises based on young adult novels has passed, and now it’s time for fall and the many film festivals that come with it. This is the time where a large number of the films that will be competing for awards come wintertime premiere for the media and start their long campaigns for award show glory. Because of this, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite film-related podcasts that’ll not only get you in the award-season spirit, but will also just get you excited about movies in general. And don’t worry, all of these podcasts can be easily found on iTunes.


1) “Filmspotting

If you just love movies so gosh-darn much that you can’t stand it,  check out “Filmspotting.” This Chicago-based weekly podcast is a haven for lovers of film in all its forms. Co-hosted by film instructor Adam Kempenaar and film critic Josh Larsen, each episode is composed of a review of a current movie (this week it’s the Emily Blunt-led action movie “Sicario“) as well as a movie-related top 5 list that can range from “Top 5 Neighborhood Movies” to “Top 5 Movies About Writers.” Kempenaar and Larsen have a great rapport and provide interesting context given their backgrounds in the film world. “Filmspotting” is a great way to keep up with the latest and greatest in the film world and have fun in the process.


2) “Little Gold Men

If you’re looking for an insider’s guide to award season and everything that goes along with it, Vanity Fair’s “Little Gold Men” provides that in spades. Hosted by Vanity Fair’s digital director, Mike Hogan, Vanity Fair’s Hollywood editor, Katey Rich and Vanity Fair’s Hollywood columnist, Richard Lawson, the show delves into the ins and outs of awards season from the perspective of three people who have a front-row seat to all of the action. The bi-weekly show has only released one episode so far, but it was great, focusing on the Toronto Film Festival and it’s standout debuts. “Little Gold Men” is great if you want to be the smartest person in the room (at least, in regards to buzzy movies) at your next party.


3) “Awards Chatter

If “Little Gold Men” just isn’t enough awards talk for you, check out “Awards Chatter.” Like “Little Gold Men,” “Awards Chatter” focuses on the films that are getting the most awards buzz and is hosted by someone covering the entertainment industry (in this case it’s The Hollywood Reporter’s awards analyst, Scott Feinberg). Unlike “Little Gold Men,” “Awards Chatter” also features interviews with the people making these buzzy movies. Past guests to the weekly podcast include recent Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne (who appears to be trying for a second with his new film “The Danish Girl“) and TV favorite Jason Segel, who’s putting his hat in the Oscar ring with his performance in “The End of the Tour.” Feinberg is not only knowledgeable about awards season’s present, he also has a great memory for awards season’s past, regularly spouting off data and facts about previous winners. For someone who’s looking for the data behind the trophies, as well as some compelling interviews, “Awards Chatter” is the place to go.


4) “Happy Sad Confused

If you don’t care as much about all of that awards show discussion this far away from the actual ceremonies but still want to hear fun, interesting conversations with your favorite stars, then you should definitely check out “Happy Sad Confused.” Hosted by MTV News Correspondent Josh Horowitz, this weekly podcast (named after the series of photos that Horowitz takes with each guest) features an in-depth interview with someone who is currently starring in a newly-released movie. Recent guests have included Andrew Garfield (promoting his new film, “99 Homes“) and “Sleeping With Other People” star Alison Brie. This show is great for someone looking for an entertaining conversation to make them feel less lonely on the drive (or train ride, I don’t know your life) to work.


5) “The Blacklist Table Reads

If you’re looking to not just hear people talk about movies, but hear actual movies themselves, then I suggest the incredibly interesting and entertaining “Blacklist Table Reads.” What is it exactly? Well, it’s a podcast that takes screenplays that have yet to be made into actual movies and presents readings of these screenplays, often with well-known actors like Darren Criss and Colin Hanks. Essentially, it’s a movie for your ears. One screenplay is done a month and in between are interviews with some of the hottest screenwriters. It’s hosted by Franklin Leonard, founder of “The Black List” itself, a hugely important online source for screenwriters. This show is great for people who have already seen all of the buzziest films in theaters and are looking for something more off-the-map. And who knows? You might be listening to a future Oscar-winner.


6) “How Did This Get Made?

If you’re more interested in the polar opposite of The Oscar, aka The Razzie, then “How Did This Get Made?” is the perfect podcast for you. Where all of the other shows on this list celebrate the best in film, “How Did This Get Made?” celebrates the worst. Each episode, hosted by comedians Paul Scheer, June Diane Rapahel and Jason Mantzoukas, focuses on a particularly terrible film and asks the titular question, how did this get made? Many episodes include guests (like “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany) who join in on the lovingly done takedowns of films like “Masters of the Universe” and “Jupiter Ascending.” This show is a great, refreshing break from the typical high-praise world of award season. It’s also just really, really, ridiculously funny.


Hope these podcasts get you thinking about movies and more specifically, award season! Let me know which podcast really gets you going, and also of any entertainment-related podcasts that you’re OBSESSED with. Sharing is caring.


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