When I’m not daydreaming about the purgatory where all of the dead “Grey’s Anatomy” characters go (trust me, it’s good), I’m thinking about how I would respond if I was ever accosted by Billy Eichner for a “Billy on the Street” segment. For those of you who don’t know, “Billy on the Street” is an amazing pop culture game show where Eichner, a comedian and actor, goes out into the streets of New York and quizzes people on all things entertainment.


Since its premiere in 2011, “Billy on the Street” has grown in popularity to the point where many of Hollywood’s finest, including Tina Fey, Will Ferrell and, more recently, Academy Award-winner Julianne Moore have made appearances on the show and participated in many crazy and hilarious challenges. Moore’s challenge was particularly amazing, which is why I’m sharing it here now! You’re welcome.


In the (not exactly suitable for work, just F.Y.I.) video, Moore runs around with Eichner and performs scenes from some of her many great film roles for anyone willing to give her a tip. It’s amazing to see her just go for it in the middle of the street, but it’s also great to see the reactions of the people who are lucky enough to be walking by. Look for a woman in blue behind Moore around the 2:00 mark. Her face is absolutely priceless, and would likely mirror mine if I had happened upon this incredible situation.


For more from Eichner, follow him on Twitter and check out the “Billy on the Street” Youtube page, as well as his Hulu series “Difficult People.” “Billy on the Street” is currently airing on Thursdays on TruTV at 10:30/9:30c. Get into it, if you haven’t already. If this video didn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.


Have a favorite “Billy on the Street” segment? How about a favorite Julianne Moore movie? Let me know in the comments. And in case you forgot…


Stay classy.