Today is Mother’s Day, aka the day when everyone posts pictures of themselves with their mothers on Facebook accompanied by some long, loving note about how “[their] mom is the best mom” and “[they] don’t know where they would be without [them]”. It’s all fine and dandy, but it’s not my style at all. For starters, my mom doesn’t even have a Facebook, so she wouldn’t see it. Even if she did, I would probably end up picking a photo of the two of us where she didn’t like the way she looked. (Which, for the record, I totally understand and would react the same way if I were in her shoes. I learned from the best!)


Instead I’m going to share this excellent, mom-related sketch from the most recent episode of “Saturday Night Live,” hosted by current national treasure Brie Larson. My mom enjoys watching “SNL,” but is rarely able to stay up to catch it in real time. In writing about this sketch, I can show her what she likely missed and have a topical post for this week! Look at me, killing to birds with one stone. So efficient!


The sketch, called “Baby Shower,” focused around what is considered to be the true sign of becoming a mom: getting “the cut,” a haircut described by Cecily Strong‘s character as “a soft waterfall in the front and knives in the back.” All of the moms in the sketch have “the cut” and assure Larson’s pregnant character that it’s only a matter of time before she ends up with “the cut” as well. From there, the sketch plays with the many tropes and stereotypes that go along with that hairstyle, from always needing to take the centerpiece at a wedding to feeling that the bathroom at home should resemble the ocean while the kitchen should resemble a farm. The one that hit closest to home for me was the idea of needing to neatly fold up gift bags so that they can be reused. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who grew up with a treasure trove of gift bags covering a wide variety of holidays and needs in the basement, waiting to be used on the next needed occasion. It’s a special touch only a true mom can provide.


Luckily my own mom doesn’t have “the cut” (she has a much classier style), but I can’t help but imagine that she can probably relate to some of the things mentioned in the sketch. Some mom things seem to be universal.


Did you like this sketch? Do you know anyone with “the cut”? Do you “only go to the beach to shop”? Leave me a note in the comments, okay honey? And, before I go and actually call my mother (AS SHOULD YOU).


Stay classy.



P.S. For real though, my mom is the best and is probably where I got my love of all things pop culture. She’s also, as far as I can tell, the only person who regularly reads this blog. I couldn’t love and appreciate her more if I tried. And I don’t need to try, because she makes it so easy. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! You rock.