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I can still remember it: I couldn’t have been older than six or seven and I was watching “Pokemon,” one of my favorite television series at the time. Ash (the main character, for those who don’t know), after a series of events, had realized that he needed to part ways with his beloved Butterfree and the time had come for them to say their last goodbyes. I wasn’t a big crier at the time; in fact I would often poke fun at my mother for crying at something as simple as a Disney commercial. But something about this scene got to me and my kid self burst into tears. I recall being shocked: what was it about this moment, on a cartoon no less, that made me so emotional? (I obviously hadn’t seen “Up” or “Inside Out” yet. Mostly because they hadn’t been made at the time. Duh.)


Now, the more logical question is what won’t make me cry? Anything from a favorite contestant’s elimination on “American Idol” (it was inevitable that I would mention it again) to a particularly powerful scene on “Grey’s Anatomy ” will bring me to tears. (Seriously. Even the happiest episode of “Grey’s” will end with me crying. It’s something about the way that they pair music with a scene. It’s genius and evil.) Most recently, even the *SPOILER ALERT* Schmidt and Cece wedding on “New Girl” got me a little choked up. It seems as if I have inherited yet another of my mother’s qualities.


When I tell friends about a moment in a TV show or film that made me cry, often they give me weird looks. Why would I cry over fictional characters or situations? I guess it’s a matter or investment. I’ve become invested in the characters and their lives, as lame as that may sound. When bad things happen to them, I feel it too! Or maybe it’s just that seeing someone else cry makes me cry, like what happens when you see someone else yawn. I don’t know for sure. All I know is, I’ve become quite the crier when it comes to movies, TV and theatre. Bring on the tissues.


Are you a big crier too when it comes to your favorite shows or movies? Have any particular scenes or moments that always get to you no matter what? Are you amazed that I still remember crying over an episode of “Pokemon” when I was a child? Spill your heart (and maybe some tears) in the comments. And, before I go back to freaking out over the fact that I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE THIS WEEKEND…


Stay classy.