The summer season brings many fun pop culture-y things to enjoy, but it also means that some fall and winter favorites will be taking a break, running away with the Schuyler Sisters for the summer to go upstate. One thing that always (unfortunately) takes a break in the summertime is “Saturday Night Live,” a perennial favorite of mine (as evidenced by my many posts about it). But fear not! I have found a summer show that at least somewhat fills the void that “SNL” leaves. That show is “Maya & Marty.”


Hosted by two “SNL” superstars, Maya Rudolph and Martin Short, and executive produced by Lorne Michaels (aka the god that created “SNL”), “Maya & Marty” hearkens back to the classic variety shows of yesteryear, complete with an old-school funky theme song by Jack White. Its episodes are mainly comprised of sketches, both pre-taped and with a studio audience, and musical numbers all include Maya, Marty and a gaggle of their many famous friends. Guest stars on the episodes that have aired so far include Tina Fey (as seen in the video above), Steve Martin, Eva Longoria and John Cena.


While Maya Rudolph and Martin Short certainly proved that they work well as a team on the “SNL” 40th Anniversary Special (a clip that has since tragically disappeared from the internet), I think “Maya & Marty” shines the most when the two are separate, doing their own thing either alone of with one of their celebrity guests. There have been a few very entertaining sketches that include the both of them, like the one where they play a strange couple with a seemingly normal adult child, but the show’s real highlights so far have come from sketches or bits that only feature one of the title stars, like Short’s Jiminy Glick character interviewing Larry David or Rudolph’s parody of Oprah’s Weight Watchers Bread commercials.


Overall, the show has both its high moments and its very, very low ones but the same could be said for “SNL” or any other sketch or variety show. The real question will be if the viewing public feels a need for a variety show revival, something that has been attempted several times in recent years. If it means that the mostly lovely “Maya & Marty” stays on the air, then I’m all for it.


Have you watched any of “Maya & Marty”? If so, have a favorite sketch or moment? Think I need to stop watching TV and go outside and enjoy the nice summer weather? Okay, Mom. (Jk, my mom is just as much of an indoor person as I am. Hooray for shared familial traits!) Before you head outside yourself though, remember…


Stay classy.