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Screenshot by Jenn Murphy

Can I be honest with you guys? I’ve never seen an entire episode of “Breaking Bad.” I’ve seen clips and moments but if someone were to ask me if I’ve actually sat down and watched it, I would have to honestly answer “no.”


There, I said it.


This confession may seem shocking, given my penchant for keeping up with all things big and buzzy, but it’s just one of those shows I never got around to watching despite the fact that I’m sure I would enjoy it. It’s a “pop culture hole” if you will. We all have them; it’s near impossible to watch everything out there. (Andy Samberg tried when he hosted the Emmys and it did not end well.) And “Breaking Bad” isn’t my only one.


I’ve never seen a single “Godfather” movie. I’ve seen parts of the “Star Wars” films, but never one in its entirety. I got about three episodes into “Mad Men” before something came up and I had to stop. I never went back. And I’ve never, ever seen “Game of Thrones.”


It’s not necessarily a conscious decision. (Although it was with “Game of Thrones.” I couldn’t be less interested in that.) It’s just that we live in a world that’s constantly churning out new things. It makes it difficult to find the time to go back and appreciate the old. Plus, the internet and its many recaps and think pieces make it easy for someone to feel like they know what has happened in a movie or on a show without even watching a single minute. Want to know the entire plot of a movie? Simply go to its Wikipedia page. It might not be entirely comprehensive, but it’ll make you aware enough to keep up with the proverbial water-cooler talk. Sometimes it seems like that’s all people want, to be able to keep up with the conversation, but I don’t think that’s enough.


Simply being a part of the conversation isn’t enough. I want to be in the room where it happens. (The room where it happens, the room where it happens…) I want to be able to find the things in these pop culture juggernauts that capture my attention and make me excited. That can’t be done with a recap article or a Wikipedia post. That can only be done by actually watching something. So one day I hope to see “The Godfather” and “Star Wars” movies. I hope to watch all of “Mad Men” and definitely all of “Breaking Bad.” I hope to fill all of those “pop culture holes”so that I can see what made those shows and movies become such indelible parts of the pop culture landscape. I look forward to it.


But not “Game of Thrones.” Never “Game of Thrones.”


What about you guys? Have any big “pop culture holes” of your own? Want to take me to task for my complete and total disinterest in “Game of Thrones”? You wouldn’t be the first person to try. Leave your confessions and diatribes in the comments. And, as always…


Stay classy.