I will never understand why today is known as “Labor Day.” I mean, I get why it exists, but the name just seems wrong. Schools are closed, people are off-work; is anyone really laboring? I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, since the day off allows for time to get invested in yet another new series. Or, in the case of “Junketeers,” a new web series.


Co-created by Josh Horowitz (host of the Happy Sad Confused podcast that I’ve written so lovingly about several times before), “Junketeers” follows several entertainment reporters (some with very strong personalities) as they make the rounds on a series of movie press junkets. Horowitz has plenty of experience in this world given his tenure at MTV News, and it gives the show a more realistic and grounded feeling amidst the insanity of the characters and their actions.


Also contributing to the realism? The fact that when these characters get into an interview situation, they’re interviewing actual movie stars, like Josh Duhamel (as seen above in the first episode), Gillian Jacobs and a whole slew of others. The show even went to an actual red carpet event for “The Boss“, which resulted in some buzz of its own. (It may or may not have just been early promo for the show, but hey, it worked!) If you have a habit of going down a press junket interviews rabbit hole on YouTube (more than you’d care to admit) like me, then this web series is perfect for you.


It’s also great it you want a little blast of entertainment without committing to a full-on series, something that can occasionally seem daunting even if it’s a simple half-hour program. The whole collection of episodes, eight in total, is a little under 50 minutes, making it a perfectly fun time-killer. If you haven’t yet found something to do instead of labor on this Labor Day, give “Junketeers” a chance.


Have you already seen “Junketeers”? Have something else you’re watching on this Labor Day? (Like “Superstore,” which I’m finally watching and loving.) Have something else you’re doing on Labor Day that doesn’t involve watching TV or movies? …Really? Why? Let me know in the comments. And before you dig into your Labor Day cake (Is that a thing people do? I don’t know.), remember…


Stay classy.