(I know I said last week that I would stop writing “Mr. Robot“-related posts now that the show’s second season has ended, but this was way too good to pass up. Plus, this is mostly an “SNL“-related post, so really no one can complain.)


“Saturday Night Live” began its 42nd season this past Saturday with a new episode hosted by actress Margot Robbie. Overall it was a perfectly fine episode, full of the things that make “SNL” good enough to be going into its 42nd season, but the best moment of the night (at least, in my opinion) came right near the end with the above sketch. Not only does it brilliantly parody “Mr. Robot” (it even got the tweet of approval from star Rami Malek) but it also cleverly addresses the terrible hack that “SNL” star Leslie Jones endured this summer.


In the sketch, Jones enlists “Mr. Robot’s” main man, Elliot (expertly played by “SNL’s” Pete Davidson) to help her figure out who actually hacked her. As they work together (and Elliot tries to make sense of Jones’ very old, very cluttered computer) we see some other “Mr. Robot” mainstays including Elliot’s sister, Darlene (played by Robbie) and even Mr. Robot himself (played by one of the newest “SNL” cast membersMikey Day), which elicited a wonderful shout-out to Jones’ starring role in the latest “Ghostbusters” movie. The sketch also pokes a little fun at some of the more quirky elements of “Mr. Robot” including the tendency to feature people right at the edges of shots. In what has now come to be classic “Mr. Robot” fashion, the sketch features a shocking twist, but you’ll have to watch it to find out what it is. And you should watch it, because it’s really great, okay? I wouldn’t have spent all of this time writing about it if it wasn’t.


It was long wondered if and how “SNL” and Jones might address the hacking controversy and, if you ask me, this was the best possible way to do it. By giving the hack only a little bit of the show’s time and by making the focus of the sketch more on how great and funny Leslie Jones is than on the actual hack itself, the show made sure that Jones was the one who came out on top, as she so rightfully should. Now hopefully we can all move on from that ridiculousness and focus on the fact that next week’s “SNL” host is LIN-MANUEL FREAKING MIRANDA.


What did you think of the “SNL” season 42 premiere? Did you like the “Mr. Robot” sketch as much as I did? Are you just as excited for Lin-Manuel Miranda to host next week’s episode as I am? Because I’m very very very excited. Try to top that in the comments. And, as always…


Stay classy.