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Screenshot by Jenn Murphy

The other most wonderful time of the year has just about arrived. No, not Christmas, (although I have already seen some Christmas decorations in stores and at least a few Christmas commercials on TV) it’s almost time for Oscar movie season. We made it through the summer, with its barrage of loud and flashy action movies and superhero franchises, and the early fall, with its smaller collection of could’ve-been Oscar contenders. Now is the time for the movies that have real Oscar buzz, real potential to be taking home one or more of those shiny trophies come February 26.


Movies like “La La Land,” an old-school musical movie starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, “Jackie,” a Jackie Kennedy biopic of sorts starring Natalie Portman, “Moonlight,” a moving-coming-of-age tale filled with exciting new unknowns and “Fences,” an adaptation of the classic August Wilson play that just might earn the great Viola Davis her first and very well-earned Oscar and her third link in the EGOT chain. And how could I forget “Moana,” the latest Disney-Pixar masterpiece that could provide Lin-Manuel Miranda the final award he needs to join the EGOT club! That’s just a few from the long-list of movies that are considered buzzy enough for Oscar glory. And unless you live in New York or Los Angeles or have access to the festivals where these movies have already screened, the time to flock to the theater and see them has nearly arrived.


This is also an exciting time for the Oscars in general, given the push for more diversity in the people being nominated. If the Academy’s decision to include a wider array of people in its latest group of inductees works, we could be seeing a group of nominees that finally represent the diverse collection of people actually making and going to the movies. After a bit of a movie-seeing slump, it’s finally an exciting time to go to the movies again. Or at least, it almost is.


Excited for all the Oscar buzzy movies? Have a particular one you’re looking forward to seeing? Think its way too soon to be talking about the Oscars? If so, you miiiight want to stop reading this blog. Oscar season is year-long thing for me. (Just kidding never stop reading love youuuu!!) Make your own grand predictions in the comments. And, before you go back to watching the new “Black Mirror” episodes (or go back to staring blankly at a wall after watching the new “Black Mirror” episodes), remember…


Stay classy.