Thanksgiving is this week, which means it’s time for one of my favorite silly large-scale cultural events, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! What’s not to love about performances from Broadway shows paired with clearly lip-syncing pop stars on floats and giant balloons that range from adorable to terrifying? It’s truly the best the we as a nation have to offer, especially when so many of the other things we are offering up at the moment are deeply unpleasant at best, completely horrifying at worst.


If the Macy’s parade is somehow not for you (and if that’s the case I truly want to know why you keep reading this blog), then perhaps this variation on the event, courtesy of the insanely funny “Billy on the Street,” will be more your style. I’ve already spoken about my love for this show here, and this clip only further establishes how wonderful “Billy on the Street” and Billy Eichner really are.


With his co-anchor Katie Couric, Eichner presents what the parade would be like if he were in charge. Instead of balloons featuring the likes of Pikachu and Elmo, Eichner’s balloons include Sean Penn and Rooney Mara (who, fun fact, I stood in line next to while waiting to get into “Hamilton”). Instead of floats featuring Disney channel stars and the cast of Sesame Street, Eichner’s floats celebrate “The United States of Tara” and the career of Mark Ruffalo. It’s a hilarious departure from typical Macy’s Parade fare, perfect for watching while hiding from your family in the bathroom (if your plan to escape to Target¬†somehow didn’t work).


For many, this Thanksgiving looks like it could be a contentious one, so why not bring a little levity to the situation with this “Billy on the Street” clip? Even if it only brightens your mood for a little while, it’s better than nothing!


Love “Billy on the Street”? Have any ideas of your own for new Macy’s Parade balloons and floats? More interested in the post-parade dog show? Really? Why? Explain yourself in the comments. And, of course, from my family to yours…


Stay classy.