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(FYI: This post has a ton of spoilers from “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” and one big one from “How to Get Away With Murder.” The title of the post alone is a semi-spoiler. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)


Like many men and women of a certain age (or really any age, I don’t know the specific demographics) I spent a large portion of my post-Thanksgiving weekend watching “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” After years of waiting for a revival (and one year of waiting for the revival to be completed), four 90-ish minute episodes made their way into my Netflix que and were devoured much like the turkey and mashed potatoes I had eaten earlier in the week. There were many things I liked (Kirk and Petals, the sudden, unexplained appearance of Mr. Kim) and some things I didn’t (the ever-present Logan, the current state of the Paris and Doyle union).


The biggest thing that everyone was looking to see though were what the final four words, the four words that show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had in mind when she first created the series, the four words that never made their way into the show’s original network run, would be. Well, here they are:


Rory: Mom?

Lorelei: Yeah?

Rory: I’m pregnant.


So there you have it; Rory Gilmore, double the age her mother was when she became pregnant with her, is with child. But whose child? The parentage is never clearly stated, although the most likely suspect is Logan Huntzberger, the last of Rory’s big three boyfriends. They had an ongoing thing throughout the four new episodes, despite the fact that Logan was engaged to another woman (another low moment of the new episodes, if you ask me). In a way, Rory is following right in her mother’s footsteps, getting impregnated by the rich boy she probably shouldn’t end up with despite the shared chemistry. Hopefully this means she’ll really end up with her Luke equivalent, Jess, but the episodes ended before there was any sort of real development on that, other than the mildly heartbreaking (and slightly creepy?) shot of Jess lovingly looking at Rory through a window.


There is, however, the slightest of chances that Rory’s baby daddy isn’t someone we’ve seen before, but rather someone we’ve heard about. In the second “A Year in the Life” episode, Rory goes into full quarter-life crisis mode (Although she’s 32, so is it really a quarter-life crisis? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.) after having her first one-night stand with a guy in a wookiee costume. She met him while interviewing people about their experiences waiting in lines (seriously) and went out for drinks and well…you know…had a one-night stand. There isn’t a clear timeline of when Rory discovered she was actually pregnant versus when she actually told her mother, and all of the new episodes took place over the course of a year, so it is possible that wookiee guy is the newest contributor to the Gilmore family line.


If that’s the case (and honestly, I really hope it is) then we need to figure out who this wookiee guy is. I have compiled a few potential candidates that I think would make great additions to the “Gilmore Girls” universe when more new episodes are eventually created. (I mean, there will be more new episodes, right? They can’t possibly end the entire series with a cliffhanger like that! This isn’t “The Sopranos.”) Read on to see my four picks for the man inside the wookiee costume.


1. Alden Ehrenreich

This first one fits in best with the many pop culture tie-ins and references that make up the “Gilmore Girls” universe, seeing as he is currently getting ready to play a young Han Solo (friend to wookiees, or at least one wookiee in particular) in an upcoming “Star Wars” film. All of the inevitable “Star Wars” jokes Lorelei would make around him would have double the meaning!


2. Dev Patel

Given his experience playing charming but slightly nerdy guys on shows like “Skins” and “The Newsroom,” Patel seems like a perfect candidate for the role of a guy who would be standing in some sort of “Star Wars”-related line in a wookiee costume. Surprisingly, Rory never really had a nerdy boyfriend or love interest (If you don’t count Marty or Paul. I mean, you could count Paul, but I doubt Rory does.) so it would be fun to see her in that type of situation. Plus, I just think Dev Patel is really great and want to see him in more things.


3. Wyatt Russell

Much like Rory hasn’t really had a nerdy boyfriend or love interest, she also didn’t really have a dopey one (unless you consider Dean dopey, and that’s a whole other debate). Russell recently played a very charming but dopey guy in one of the new “Black Mirror” episodes to great effect, so I feel like he would fit this version of the character (that I’ve created in my head) perfectly. He also seems to have a slower pace to his speaking and it would be fun to see all of the fast-talking characters in the “Gilmore Girls” world grappling with someone who takes their time.


4. Alfred Enoch

If you’re all caught up on “How to Get Away With Murder,” then you know that this guy will likely be out of a job soon, so what better way to keep him on our screens than to put him into the “Gilmore Girls” world? It would be nice to see him casually hanging out in Stars Hollow instead of constantly getting into murderous situations. Plus, as much as I hate to say it, “Gilmore Girls” has always been more than a little lacking in the diversity department. Giving Rory a love interest who isn’t just another white dude would be a great way to begin to rectify that.


What did you think of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”? Have you own casting picks for Rory’s wookiee hook-up? Think this whole practice is ridiculous because no way the wookiee guy is the father? Way to ruin my fun, dude. Leave a note in the comments, and we’ll discuss it at the next town meeting. Now before I go see what the Gilmore Guys have to say about all of this, I’ll leave you with my final three words…


Stay classy.