There are so many great shows on TV right now, to the point where many continue to fly under the radar despite awards and critic love. One big recent example of this is “Crazy Ex Girlfriend,” a wacky and wonderful musical comedy found on The CW, of all places. It expertly mixes musical camp with grounded storytelling and it’s also really really funny. It might seem like a little bit much to people who don’t love a good song and dance number, but unlike other musical series before it (*cough* “Glee,” “Smash” *cough*), the singing and dancing doesn’t feel forced. It all somehow works, a true feat. I could go on and on about how much I love the show, but I already did here, so just read that.


This particular number showcases, to me, what “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” does best. It starts out focusing on the joys of female friendship, but quickly turns into a song about the planning and organization of a political coup, a “friendtopia,” if you will. I know, I know, that sounds absolutely insane, but like I said earlier it somehow works. The mixture of light and dark and the way those two things can kind of play together is what this show seems to thrive on. There was also a “Trapped in the Closet” parody in this episode that can’t be missed. I mean, anything that references “Trapped in the Closet” is worth appreciating, right?


So even if you’re not a big musical fan, I think you should give “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” a chance. You might find that its “more than meets the eye” quality is right up your alley. Or at least you can leave your TV on it so that it’s ratings go up and then it’ll never get cancelled and people like me can enjoy it forever. I would do it for you…unless, of course, there was something else I liked more on. I’m sure you understand.


Like “Crazy Ex Girlfriend”? Have a favorite song from the series run so far? Currently on your fifteenth viewing of “Elf” this month? Dang. I mean, I like that movie and all, but…dang. Before you go back to that, remember…


Stay classy.