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My ballot for the night. I got 14 out of 26 of my guesses correct. Not great, but not terrible! Photo by Jenn Murphy

The 2017 Golden Globe Awards aired last night, kicking off award season and setting us down the path that will eventually lead to Oscar. It was a night of high highs (Jimmy Fallon’s “La La Land” themed opening number! Meryl Streep’s powerful Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance speech! The adorableness of Sunny Pawar!) and low lows (Everything else Jimmy Fallon did after the opening number! Tom Hiddleston’s super weird Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie acceptance speech! “Hidden Fences“!) but all of that didn’t even have anything to do with who actually won. In terms of winners, the TV side offered many more surprises, both positive and negative, than the film side. Let me break it down for ya’ll.


TV: “Atlanta” wins big, So does “The Night Manager”???

The TV categories were a bit of a mixed bag, largely celebrating new shows. Only one person, the much deserved Tracee Ellis Ross for Actress in a Musical or Comedy for “Black-ish“, won for a series that has had more than one season. The rest of the Musical or Comedy Awards went to the equally deserving “Atlanta” and its creator Donald Glover, one of the big treats of the night. On the Drama side “The Crown” took home the TV Series and Actress in a Drama (for it’s star, Claire Foy) Awards and Actor in a Drama went to Billy Bob Thornton for some show called “Goliath” that I’ve never seen and couldn’t even tell you what channel or streaming service it might be on. Thornton’s win was early in the next and followed another weird, surprise white guy win and it gave night a weird feel to start. Limited Series or TV Movie went to “The People vs. O.J. Simpson“, naturally, and Sarah Paulson won as well but every other Limited Series/TV Movie award, as well as Supporting Actor and Actress (for Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman respectively) went to “The Night Manager.” What? Who? I know I had heard of it but it didn’t seem to really leave a mark, so it was surprising to see it take home three awards, including one for Tom Hiddleston, who as I mentioned above, really needs to work on his acceptance speeches.


Movies: “La La Land” wins everything but hey, “Moonlight” still exists!

The movies side of the night started off with a big shock in Aaron Taylor-Johnson of “Nocturnal Animals” winning for Supporting Actor instead of “Moonlight‘s” brilliant Mahershala Ali, but quickly fell into a much more predictable line. “La La Land” won literally every award it was nominated for, including Best Picture, Musical or Comedy, Director (for Damien Chazelle), Screenplay, Musical or Comedy Actor (for Ryan Gosling), Musical or Comedy Actress (for Emma Stone), Original Score and Original Song for “City of Stars” making it the only film in Golden Globes history with 7 wins in one night. I’ve talked about it a little before on this blog, but this seemingly constant stream of wins has me feeling a bit irritated. Yes, “La La Land” is great, but you know what’s really great? “Moonlight”! And sure, it won Best Picture, Drama, but that was the only award it won, which is truly insane. There isn’t a ton of overlap between Globes voters and Oscar voters, so hopefully the outcome will be different there. Casey Affleck won for Actor in a Drama for “Manchester by the Sea” which felt kind of lame given that I just saw “Fences” and Denzel Washington should seriously be winning every award that he’s nominated for in that role. At least Viola Davis won Supporting Actress for her role in “Fences.” I see an Oscar in her future and I am completely okay with that. The Foreign Language film winner “Elle” also took home Actress in a Drama for Isabelle Huppert, proving that she might be real competition for the other ladies in her category come Oscar time. And finally, “Zootopia” won for Animated Feature, beating “Moana” which is a shame because I loved “Moana.” Justice for “Moana”, am I right?


Well there you have it, a brief refresher on last night’s Golden Globes. The next big televised award show is the Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 29, and they’ll be much more of an indicator of where the Oscars may end up. Should be interesting.


What did you think of the Golden Globes? Have a most favorite win or a least favorite loss? Know what Animated Feature nominee “My Life as a Zucchini” is about? Please let me know about that last one in the comments. And, before I go see “Hidden Figures,” which was completely snubbed last night, I’ll leave you like I always do…


Stay classy.