Like many people all over this mostly nice nation of ours, I don’t like football. I have plenty of reasoning for it, which you would probably hear in detail if you ever suggested we watch a game. I also just like baseball better. But I do love a large cultural event and so every year without fail I watch the Super Bowl. I’m of course not watching for the actual game; again, like many, I watch the Super Bowl for all of the snazzy new commercials and the even snazzier Half Time show. It’s almost like the NFL knows that there are people all over being forced to watch the game (because that’s where all of the fun party snacks are) so they provided us with our own entertainment during the breaks. How nice! Now, if only they could get that pesky concussion issue under control…


It seems like a lot of people would like to pretend the outcome of the game never even happened (given it’s slightly eery similarity to another recent event where the bad guy inexplicably won) so instead let’s all be like me and focus on everything else! Lady Gaga was the Half Time show performer and did a great medley of some of her biggest hits that  started with “God Bless America” and ended with her catching a football and jumping into an abyss. Now that Lady Gaga is a bit more subdued, I guess that’s the closest we’ll get to the meat dress-wearing, bleeding at the VMAs Gaga of yesteryear. It was pretty darn awesome though.


As for the commercials, they were largely poignant and surprisingly politically-tinged. My favorite though, was neither of those things. The above commercial, for some drink called Bai which I’ve never heard of but am now strongly considering checking out (good job, ad!), features everyone’s favorite weird guy that lives down the hall, Christopher Walken, dramatically reciting the lyrics to what should maybe be our national anthem now, *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” with one of its key singers, everyone’s favorite boy bander made big, Justin Timberlake, looking on stoically. It’s simple and subtle and a wonderful example of what a Super Bowl ad can be. Sure, it’s fun to watch Melissa McCarthy smash into things (I’d argue it’s way more fun to watch her play Sean Spicer on “SNL”), but sometimes all you need is an Oscar winner and a newly minted Oscar nominee sitting on a fancy couch to get your point across.


What did you think of the Super Bowl commercials? Have a favorite one of your own? Still full from all the hot wings you ate last night? I feel you on that. Tell me your new diet plan in the comments. And, like I’ve said many a time before…


Stay classy.