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Tim (left) and Sam (right), stars of “Detroiters.” Screenshot by Jenn Murphy

These days it can seem like we have an almost overwhelmingly big collection of great comedies on TV. From “Atlanta” to “Broad City” to “The Good Place,” comedy, in it’s many forms and styles, is shining. It feels almost excessive to add another new show to the pile, and yet Comedy Central has with “Detroiters,” a charming series that, if its pilot is any indication, is more than ready to join that great group.


Starring and created by Sam Richardson (“Veep“) and Tim Robinson (“SNL“), the show follows two best friends (Sam and Tim, naturally) who take over Tim’s Dad’s ad agency in Detroit and try to make it big in advertising. They mostly make their money doing those cheesy local commercials that you always see and wonder “whose idea was that?” but they have hopes for something bigger, as evidenced by their attempts at getting a Chrysler ad in the pilot. Whether they get the gig or not (I won’t spoil it for you) it seems pretty clear that their friendship and determination will endure.


It’s also really really funny, offering up a mix of silly, sharp and surprisingly sweet that feels somewhat new, at least to me. One scene finds them trying to break a glass wall in their office for no apparent reason, another finds them greeting garbage truck drivers before they head out for work in the morning, a moment so unexpectedly heartwarming I actually said “awww!” out loud when I watched it. It seems like a lot of comedies either go for the acerbic or the absurd and “Detroiters” provides a nice middle ground.


While it may seem like there couldn’t possibly be any more space in your TV viewing schedule (I know the feeling), I suggest you make room for “Detroiters.” In a time where we desperately needs laughs and heart, this show seems like it will provide both in spades.


Have you watched “Detroiters”? What did you think? Are you still mad about Adele beating Beyonce for Album of the year at last night’s Grammys? I think Adele is too. Make your pitch in the comments. And before I go look up Anderson .Paak, whose Grammy performance last night with A Tribe Called Quest was one of my favorites, I’ll leave you like I always do…


Stay classy.