A few days ago I was going down a YouTube rabbit hole of recent late-night talk show clips (as one is wont to do) and was pleasantly reminded of how great Michael Shannon has become when it comes to talk show interviews. If you watch the above clip, I think you’ll definitely agree.


He’s always been an excellent actor, playing his fair share of bad guys (like the biggest of bads in “Man of Steel“) and the occasional good one (like in the wonderful, recent movie “Loving“) but great acting skills don’t always translate into a great talk show interview. It’s a certain art form of its own that requires a command of the audience’s attention and an effortless back and forth with the host. Of course, Jimmy Fallon isn’t necessarily the most difficult host to work off of. His whole vibe is “I love the guest and everything they do and say is great” which can be awesome in scenarios like the one above but can also go south pretty quickly.


Shannon is just incredibly funny, and his dry delivery keeps people on their toes. Sometimes it’s not entirely clear what’s a joke and what isn’t and that keeps things interesting. He’s not spouting off pre-planned statements (although to say the above moment isn’t pre-planned would be a big ‘ol lie), or at least he doesn’t seem like he is. He’s just being himself, which, contrary to the many dark and serious roles that he has played, apparently is a very funny guy who likes to shout-sing  Sting karaoke.


So do yourself a favor and go down your own YouTube rabbit hole of old Michael Shannon talk show clips. It’s definitely a great way to start or brighten your day. You know I wouldn’t steer you wrong.


What do you think? Love Michael Shannon on talk shows? Do you also think he would be amazing as the preacher in a remake of “The Night of the Hunter“? Because he totally would. Write a tell all in the comments. And, before you go see “Get Out” for a second time (seriously, it’s that good), remember to always…


Stay classy.