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A taste of my weekly TV viewing schedule. Screenshot by Jenn Murphy

Like anyone who loves TV (and has a lot of free time) I like to keep a list of shows that I’m currently watching, along with what time each show airs and what channel I can find it on (because unlike a lot of people who watch TV, I still like to watch most of it live). I thought it might be interesting to go through its most current iteration (aka shows that are airing new episodes as of this week) and see if it reveals anything curious about my regular TV habits. (Plus, I don’t really care about that new live-action “Beauty and the Beast” movie, so my pop culture news week has been pretty slow.)


Let’s start at the very beginning, aka MONDAYS:

Supergirl” – 8/7c The CW: I started watching this back when it was on CBS because I thought the trailer for it looked entertaining (plus the ever-charming Jeremy Jordan is on it and as a onetime Fansie, I will follow him wherever he may go…in the least creepy way possible, of course). In its move to The CW I feel like it’s lost some of the more grounded and realistic elements of the show, making it fit in more with the rest of the hyper-melodramatic CW superhero shows (that they will never get me to watch no matter how many crossovers they do). Sadly, I might be cutting ties with this show soon, but in the meantime I still check it out weekly.


Quantico” – 10/9c ABC: This show reveals a certain habit I get into way too often when it comes to TV: I love a weird mystery. If a pilot trailer implies that something terrible has happened and over the course of the series we’ll find out what exactly happened and who did it, you can almost guarantee that I’ll watch at least the first episode. This habit has steered me in directions both good-ish (“How to Get Away With Murder“) and very very bad (Oh, “The Family“). “Quantico,” I would say, is in the middle of that spectrum. They wrapped their first season mystery up with a neat, if not overly corny, bow and have even knocked out their second season whodunnit before their sophomore pass even ended. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here, as reports have indicated that it’s moving from season-long arcs to more episode-by-episode stories. Will it keep my attention? I guess that’s a mystery we’ll all have to wait to find out about.



New Girl” – 8/7c Fox: This show holds the special position of being one of the few comedies that actually makes me laugh out loud, as opposed to just quietly acknowledging that something is funny or clever like I do with most things. Their jokes are just so silly and the delivery by the likes of Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield is so perfect. My favorite character is Winston though. Give me a scene with him and his cat, Furguson, and I am in comedy heaven.


Detroiters” – 10:30/9:30c Comedy Central: I’ve already written on this blog about how this show is great, and with every week it gets even better. If you’re still not watching it, what is wrong with you?!? Come on. Watch it.



Empire” – 9/8c Fox: I’ve written elsewhere about how I think this show would be better if it made the risky decision to kill off Lucious Lyon, the super not-fun villainous patriarch of the Lyon dynasty, so it’ll be interesting to see where the season goes now that it’s back from its winter break. Andre said in the winter finale that his new goal was to knock his father off so he could take over the family business, and while I doubt he’ll actually be able to do it, I kind of look forward to finding out.


Designated Survivor” – 10/9c ABC: This is another “Quantico”-like show with a central mystery that pulled me in and kept me watching, even though the series overall has been kind of majorly boring. This past week though the series went in a direction that I didn’t think it would logically go in until at least a season two or three (if it even got that far). I have no idea how it’s going to maintain this somewhat breakneck speed if it gets to a season two, so my curiosity in the show has been renewed. That is, of course, until it gets boring again.


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” – 10:30/9:30c TBS: Technically I don’t get to watch this show live because it coincides with “Designated Survivor,” but I wanted to give a much deserved shout-out to this lovely program. I think that Samantha Bee is the true heir to the Jon Stewart brand of late-night news skewering, with her acerbic wit and general angriness about the insanity of most current events. She’s definitely the one that sticks the most out of the pack.



Grey’s Anatomy” – 8/7c ABC: I started watching “Grey’s” in season three when I happened upon an episode where it looked like the main character was legit going to die. She didn’t of course, but nearly everyone else around her in that season has died (or moved to Switzerland) since. Now in its 13th season, “Grey’s Anatomy” has continued to be an excellent source of great cries for me. And hey, for the most part it’s also still a pretty great and compelling series. It’s actually kind of crazy how well it’s maintained over the years. It kind of seems like it’ll just keep going until the actress who plays the titular Meredith Grey decides she wants off and I’ll definitely keep watching until then.


Superstore” – 8/7c NBC: Another show that I don’t always get to watch live, but it’s worth mentioning because it genuinely lovely and hilarious. Plus, it brought America Ferrera back to TV and as a big “Ugly Betty” fan, I needed that to happen.



Nothing. There’s nothing on Fridays.



Saturday Night Live” – 11:30/10:30c NBC: Duh.



Making History” – 8:30/7:30c Fox: The last of the shows that I highlighted in my post about great new pilot trailers, “Making History” has definitely lived up to my hype. It’s hilarious take on time travel and history is a perfect fit with the other weird and funny shows, like “Son of Zorn” and “The Last Man on Earth”, that make up Fox Sunday nights.


The Last Man on Earth” – 9:30/8:30c Fox – Wrote about this bad boy recently too, so just read that to understand what makes this show so enjoyable. Also, I guess I really like weird comedy? That’s what I’m getting from all of this.


Feud” – 10/9c FX: I kind of hate that I’ve become someone who watches everything Ryan Murphy makes, but he just keeps making stuff that’s right up my alley! The first season of his latest anthology series tracks the infamous tensions between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford while making the film “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” It’s super campy and entertaining just like most Ryan Murphy things. Plus, Stanley Tucci is on it and I love him more than life itself.


American Crime” – 10/9c ABC: Another one that I don’t get to watch live, but I definitely make sure to watch it because it’s one of the best shows on network TV, if not TV as a whole. It’s more than a little insane that its even on network TV, given it’s unflinching takes on pretty much every sensitive subject in modern society. The third season just began last week and it’s already better than almost everything on this list. If you’ve never watched it, go back and watch the first two seasons. Even though each season is a completely different story with  different characters, it’s imperative that you see the series as whole. It’s truly excellent.


Well, there you have it! My currently weekly TV viewing schedule. Riveting, I know.


What do you think of the shows I watch? Do you have your own weekly TV viewing schedule? Was this interesting to anyone? I’m dying to know. Be honest (but not too honest) in the comments. And, as always…


Stay classy.