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“Pitch” Screenshot by Jenn Murphy

In the next couple of months, the major networks will not only be announcing which new pilots we’ll get to see in the fall; they’ll also be announcing which currently-airing shows will get a last minute renewal. While some shows are an entirely lost cause (RIP “BrainDead,” you were too good for this world.) there are others that are at risk of cancellation but could be saved. I’ve selected my five favorites in the hopes that I can somehow “Secret” my way into getting them renewed. Here’s hoping!


1) “American Crime

I’ve talked before on this blog about how “American Crime” is way too good, that it almost doesn’t make sense for it to even be on ABC given it’s cable-quality writing and acting, but somehow it’s still at risk of being taken off the air after its third season ends next week. Sure, it’s not the easiest show to swallow; it’s endlessly bleak and dark, but the show’s timely story lines necessitate that! Plus, we should be making a real effort to save anything that keeps Regina King on our TVs on a weekly basis. If for nothing else, please renew it for that.


2) “Making History

The latest in Fox’s collection of wonderfully weird Sunday-night comedies (and not the only one to appear on this list), “Making History” deserves a second season because its take on time-travel is unique and highly entertaining. I mean, what other series would bring Paul Revere’s daughter to present day and have her try to make sense of pub trivia? No other, that’s who. That creative spark keeps me excited for what could happen next, and we’ll never get to see that if it ends up getting cancelled.


3) “New Girl

This one seems to have the best chance of getting renewed out of all of the shows on this list, given it’s long-running status and established fan base. However, the most recent season finale played out more like a possible series finale, and it hasn’t officially been decided on either way. While it might make sense to go out on top, we can’t possibly say goodbye to this show without seeing Winston meet his father face-to-face. Think of the stunt casting opportunities! Plus, if they go into the next season knowing for sure that it’s the last, they can really find ways to perfectly wrap up these characters and stories that we know and love.


4) “Son of Zorn

The second of Fox’s weird Sunday-night comedies to find its way to this list, “Son of Zorn,” deserves a renewal because it’s so gosh darn clever and it makes a seemingly impossible concept work so well. If you had told me I would love a comedy where an animated He-Man-like figure comes to the world of live action to develop a better relationship with his half-live action son, I would have said you were insane. But, you know what? I do love it. And my Dad loves it too, which is a rare accomplishment for a show to achieve. Also, much like Regina King on “American Crime”, the wonder of Tim Meadows’ Craig on “Son of Zorn” is not to be ignored.


5) “Pitch

While it may feel like years since “Pitch” actually aired on TV, it was an excellent addition to the fall 2016 schedule, especially for a baseball lover like myself. But it wasn’t just about the baseball of it all; the relationships and character dynamics were compelling and the way that it examined the challenges a young person faces when they suddenly become famous and successful was deeply fascinating. “Pitch” was probably one of my favorite new series of the fall 2016 season and I really hope I get to see it again. Come on, Fox, do it for me? Please?


So there you have it, my five shows that I hope will be saved. Some have a better chance while others have a rougher road to go. To any network execs reading this (and I’m sure there’s like, a ton): be kind when picking which shows to renew and cancel. Even if something isn’t a hit in the traditional sense, it might have dedicated viewers who would be very sad to see it go.


What do you think? Have any other shows you’re hoping will be saved from the cancellation axe? Still recovering from last night’s “Feud” season finale? Talk about bleak. Anyway, as always…


Stay classy.