Honesty is important, and that’s why I’m honestly telling you that I had no clue what to write about this week. (To be even more honest, I’m actually writing this on Friday because I’m going to be away this weekend, including Monday.) I guess I could share some thoughts on recent TV season finales (“Quantico“: alright; “Designated Surivor“: irritating; “Grey’s Anatomy“: fantastic.) or the announcements that both Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden will return to host the Oscars and Grammys respectively in 2018 (BORING. I know award show hosts are repeated often, but let’s have a little variety, people!). Neither of those things feel right though, so instead I’ll talk a little about the trailer for “The Glass Castle.”


“The Glass Castle” is based on the memoir of writer Jeannette Walls, wherein she chronicles her unconventional upbringing and the lives of her eccentric parents. I know this because I read the book, both in high school and again in college. It’s very good and very compelling and I highly recommend it. I believe Jennifer Lawrence was initially attached to star in the film adaptation, but was eventually replaced by Brie Larson, as the trailer shows. Which is fine! While it would have been nice to see Lawrence in a role that’s a little more down to earth (Ha. Get it? Because “Passengers” was in space? I’m sorry.), Larson is a great actress as well (I’ll forever recommend “Short Term 12” and her amazing performance in it) so no complaints here. Plus, Woody Harrelson is pretty much the perfect person to play her Dad. (Although now that I think about it, his buddy Matthew McConaughey would also be a good pick.)


The movie is set for release in August, which I guess means that they don’t have huge awards expectations for it? I assumed it would get a November release, given its recent Oscar-winning star and moderately well-known story (at least among high school students and book club Moms). The trailer does feel a little bit flat, and it does seem to weirdly romanticize the Dad, who was not the greatest of guys in the book. I guess I’ll have to see it to find out, which I fully intend on doing.


What do you think? Excited for “The Glass Castle”? Disappointed in the blandness of this post? They can’t all be winners. And hey, I did have a pretty great/terrible Jennifer Lawrence-“Passengers” joke in there! Tell me you own terrible jokes and things that you would have wrote about this week in the comments. And, before I go finish the second season of “Master of None” (which is great, by the way) I’ll leave you with a simple reminder…


Stay classy.