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Newly crowned Tony winner Ben Platt at last night’s ceremony. Screenshot by Jenn Murphy

Some weeks I have a really hard time figuring out what to write about for this blog. There sometimes just isn’t anything that happened that really captured my attention or made me think. Lucky for me (and you), that was not the case this week. In fact, there were three things that happened in the pop culture world that got me going and instead of choosing just one to cover this week, I’m going to cover all three. So strap in, because it’s time to get into it.


Thing #1: Freeform is making an American version of “Misfits”


NO. American remakes of hit British series very rarely work. Why oh why must we keep learning this lesson the hard way? The U.S. adaptation of “Skins” was trash, the U.S. adaptation of “The In-Betweeners” was very weak, and I didn’t love either of those shows as much as I loved “Misfits!” Its clever take on the “young people encounter some mysterious thing and it gives them superpowers” trope worked so well in the original series because its young people were allowed to be just as raunchy and awful as actual young people are! You know they’re not going to be able to go that far on Freeform, home of “Pretty Little Liars,” a ruined adaptation of what was originally a pretty interesting book series. I have so many concerns about this. So many. You’re truly better off trying to find and watch the original run instead of waiting for what will likely be yet another dismal American remake.


Thing #2: I don’t need to tell you this, but “Wonder Woman” is great!!!


I was a little leery to check it out because I’m not the biggest superhero movie fan (although that Ryan Coogler-directed “Black Panther” movie looks pretty awesome) but the never-ending stream of positive reviews and comments about the movie convinced me to see it and guess what? I loved it. Sure it wasn’t perfect; some of the dialogue was a little overly-cheesy and the romantic plot line felt more than a little forced, but it was still far more interesting and compelling that any other DC or Marvel superhero movie I’ve seen. I almost don’t want there to be a sequel, even if Patty Jenkins were to return and direct, because this one was just so good. Maybe just a spinoff about Robin Wright‘s character, Antiope? I could definitely get into that.


Thing #3: The Tony Awards happened.


Last night was the Tony Awards a.k.a the night where everyone who doesn’t live in New York gets to see what’s been happening on Broadway this season. And it was…fine? I didn’t really get to see any shows this season (The only thing I saw was “Oh Hello on Broadway” and while John Mulaney and Nick Kroll did get to hilariously introduce a performance by the Rockettes, they and their show were cruelly not nominated for anything.) so I didn’t hold any allegiances towards anything in particular. Kevin Spacey as host was okay, although the whole night felt pretty low energy. A lot of the shows nominated this year dealt with more serious themes, so there weren’t a lot of big exciting musical numbers. The biggest, most exciting one was for “Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812” and now I want to see it because it looks like a straight-up party. “Dear Evan Hansen” won for Best Musical (good thing I got my tickets for it the day before) and “Hello, Dolly!” won for Best Musical Revival, two moves that surprised absolutely no one. You can look at the rest of the winners here.


Well, there you have it. Everything that excited or concerned me this week in one nice little post. Hopefully I’ll be as lucky to have so much to talk about next week. I’m doubtful though.


What do you think? Have any big pop culture events from this week that caught your attention? Did you too get weirdly invested in Katy Perry’s weekend-long live stream of her life? Tell all in the comments. And, before I go back to wishing I was still at the Chance the Rapper concert I attended last week (like I said, a lot happened) I’ll leave you like I always do, with this…


Stay classy.