Everyone’s favorite actor who only shows up in a movie every once in a while but always straight-up kills it (and has three Oscars to prove it), Daniel Day-Lewis, announced last week that he is officially retiring from acting. His final movie, a Paul Thomas Anderson film reportedly called “Phantom Thread,” is set to come out sometime within the next year.


It’s a somewhat disheartening thing to hear in a time when all we can hope for is that our greatest performers will take to the screens and stages to give us a brief respite from the horrors of reality. But, it could also be a Cher (or JAY-Z, depending on your musical inclinations) move, where he’s “retiring,” only to come back in several years with another great movie (or album or tour, in the case of Cher or JAY-Z).


It isn’t the first time he’s stepped away from the screen for an extended period of time. After “The Boxer,” Day-Lewis disappeared for about five years before resurfacing in “Gangs of New York.” He reportedly spent at least a portion of that time learning to make shoes, y’know like any average person trying to take a break would do. Perhaps he’s taking another break, this time to learn the art of making those really detailed sand sculptures at the beach. It’s summer, so now would be the perfect time to learn!


He’s also known for going super deep and method with his roles, not breaking character for even a text message. Perhaps he’s beginning preparations for a new role, in what I’m imagining as a “Somewhere“-esque Sofia Coppola movie about an actor stepping away from Hollywood to take stock of his life. It doesn’t seem too far-fetched, at least not for someone who would decide he wanted to learn how to make shoes as a fun casual activity or would choose to text Sally Field in character as Abraham Lincoln.


Or, as Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers have proposed in the above video, the whole big announcement was done in error by a publicist who misinterpreted something Day-Lewis said while finishing up a bag of chips. That certainly seems the most plausible. I mean, who doesn’t love eating chips and making grand announcements when they have finished a bag of them? I know I do, much to the chagrin of just about everyone in my life.


Man, now I really want to eat a bag of chips and watch “There Will Be Blood.” That’s a normal thing people do, right?


Why do you think Daniel Day-Lewis decided to retire from acting? Do you think he really means it? Are you also suddenly craving a bag of chips? Tell me your thoughts, theories and favorite chip flavors in the comments. And, as always…


Stay classy.