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The 2017 Emmy Awards may have only happened mere weeks ago but that doesn’t mean we can’t start talking about 2018 now, especially since there’s a good chance several key slots in the Best Comedy Series category might be opening up. Rumors are swirling that “Veep‘s” seventh and final season will likely not be ready to air by the May 31 cutoff date for Emmy eligibility and Aziz Ansari has basically said that there will be no more “Master of None” until he has lived more life worth writing a TV show about, meaning that both frequently nominated (and in “Veep’s” case, frequently winning) shows will be out of the running next year.


Of course, this could just mean that “Modern Family” will reclaim its wholly undeserved title as Best Comedy Series, but it also means that there will be room for some new shows to join the nominated ranks. I know who I want to take those slots, obviously. In the vast world of comedy on TV, there are plenty of shows that have, year in and year out, proven themselves to be worthy of recognition of the shiny trophy variety. Here’s just five that could (and should) be newly in the running.

1) “Superstore” – NBC

One of what I consider to be the true heirs to the “The Office“/”Parks and Recreation” quirky workplace comedy with heart throne, “Superstore” has been a quiet delight for several seasons. Following the goings on at a big box store called Cloud 9, “Superstore” has its fair share of laugh-out-loud moments as well as moments that address things like immigration, PTSD and more. While it does deal with heavier topics from time to time, it’s always done with a sense of respectful levity. A lot of shows on TV now are meant to make you feel down or uneasy. “Superstore” just wants to make you smile, and it does. If that doesn’t deserve some Emmy love, I don’t know what does.


2) “The Good Place” – NBC

Many of the comedies nominated for the big Emmy are pretty straight-forward in their plot (other than “Atlanta,” which is great and should win next year if its second season ends up being as good as its first) so it would be great to switch it up with something as wild and unique as “The Good Place.” I’ll refer you to a previous post I’ve written about the show that describes the plot and urges you to watch it, if for nothing other than to be totally shocked by the big twist at the end of season one. The second season began a few weeks ago and has continued to surprise and amaze, throwing formula out the window to look at things like destiny and how to be a good person. It’s also just super funny.


3) “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” – Fox

While I mostly include this one because I want to see the great Andre Braugher get back in the Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category he was wrongfully absent from this past Emmys (curse you, Alec Baldwin and you bland impression of our garbage president!) and hey, maybe actually win for once, it’s also been a consistently great ensemble comedy. Much like “Superstore,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has the perfect mix of humor and heart, and unsurprising fact given that the show’s co-creator, Michael Schur, created “Parks and Recreation” and wrote for “The Office.” It would be great to see this and his other latest creation, “The Good Place” get the recognition they rightfully deserve.


4) “You’re the Worst” – FXX

Sometimes I feel like a one-woman campaign for this show, but it really is so great and so under appreciated that I will keep talking about it until someone, anyone takes notice. It recently began its fourth season on the super deep cable FXX and continues to be devastating, both in its biting comedy and bare-bones depiction of people at their worst. The drama categories at the Emmys were a home for the anti-hero for many years, whose to say the comedy category can’t take that over? “Veep’s” Selina Meyer certainly isn’t the most lovable women and yet people have watched and rooted for her for years, often against their own better judgement. Perhaps Gretchen and Jimmy can take that slot. I’m definitely on board.


5) “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” – The CW

In 2015 the Emmys adopted a kind of weird new rule stating that to be considered a comedy series, a show must only be 30 minutes long. While this certainly applies to most comedies, there are at least a few that break that mold and the absolutely excellent “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is one of them. The musical series created by and starring Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, a clearly mentally unwell woman who moves across the country to pursue a childhood crush, might not sound like a comedy from the outset but it really truly is. The show is endlessly funny and the songs are actually really good, not corny or uncomfortable like other musical television series (*cough* “Glee” “Smash” *cough*). If you know that Rachel Bloom is entertaining enough to intro the Emmys accountants at the ceremony, than you should know her show is entertaining enough to get an Emmy nomination.

So there you have it, five comedies that could (and should) fill the positions potentially left empty by “Veep” and “Master of None.” There are also reports that “Better Call Saul” might not be finished in time, opening up a slot in the drama category for “Pitch.” Did you think I wasn’t going to mention “Pitch”? BRING BACK “PITCH”!!!


What do you think? Have any other comedies you’d add to this list? Think I should move on from the Emmys? If so, have you ever read this blog before? I feel like you don’t get my brand. Explain yourself in the comments. And, of course…


Stay classy.