When it was announced that national treasure Chance the Rapper would be hosting the Thanksgiving episode of “Saturday Night Live,” the question that always presents itself when a several-time musical guest makes the move to the hosting slot came to mind: can he really do it? Can he ascend to the status of people like Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande, musical performers who can successfully sing (or in Chance’s case, sing AND rap) the songs and star in the sketches?


The answer, luckily, was a resounding yes. While he didn’t pull double-duty as host and musical guest (Eminem filled in there, going the Prince route with one big song medley instead of two separate performances), Chance proved that he could probably do both and then some. He was incredibly charming and brought a positive, high-energy demeanor to each sketch. His stage presence made great sketches even greater and elevated some lesser later-in-the-night sketches that could have fallen flat in the wrong hands.


As if simply killing it as a performer wasn’t enough, Chance revealed on a pre-show appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” (as most “SNL” hosts are wont to do) that he had even written several sketches in the hopes they would make it onto the live broadcast. Based on some post-show retweets from Chance, it seems that the above sketch was one of his contributions and it was also one of the highlights of the night.


The sketch shows Bruce Wayne (aka Batman for the uninformed) giving out bags of food to the people of Gotham City for Thanksgiving. An honorable move to be sure, but it quickly becomes clear that while in the Batman costume, Bruce Wayne isn’t nearly as honorable to certain residents committing small crimes like littering. I won’t give it away, but it sounds like he has some signature moves involving the criminal’s jaw and a really intense wedgie. It was both very funny (many of the cast members seemed to be struggling to keep it together at some points) and thought-provoking, given that it was clearly calling out the harsh treatment for minor infractions often given to minority communities by the police.


Often you can get away with only watching a few key sketches from an episode of “SNL” without feeling like you missed out on something great, but in this case I would highly recommend watching the whole show. It was a delight from top to bottom, a great way to send the show off before a holiday break. Hopefully Chance the Rapper will be back on “SNL” to host (and perhaps, musical guest) very soon.


What do you think? Did you like Chance the Rapper as a host on “SNL”? Are you also compiling a list of men that could have easily beaten Blake Shelton for the 2017 People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive title? I mean, seriously. In a year full of disappointments, this one was a low blow. Share your list (and your thoughts) in the comments. And, as you gather to celebrate this super-questionable Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family, remember…


Stay classy.