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Amongst the many unfortunate cancellations that have taken over the last week or so, another great network sitcom said farewell. “New Girl,” Fox’s once “adorkable” series that ended up being truly laugh-out-loud funny over its seven season run, ended this past Tuesday.


Nothing too incredibly dramatic happened in the show’s final two episodes; (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE FINAL TWO EPISODES OF “NEW GIRL”) Nick and Jess, after years of “will they won’t they, oh they did but we don’t like it so now they don’t, wait, I miss when they did so maybe they should again,” finally got married, and the whole gang said farewell to the loft they had all inhabited at some point over the show’s run. It was a nice, quiet farewell to a show that somewhat consistently remained enjoyable in a time where several others lost their way.


While many will likely speak of the group as a whole, or single out the likes of Zooey Deschanel’s Jess or Max Greenfield’s Schmidt as the standouts of a series full of strong comedic characters, I personally am going to miss Winston Bishop, aka Winnie the Bish, the most. Played hilariously by Lamorne Morris, Winston grew into a delightful weirdo that never failed to bring me joy.


Starting out in the series’ second episode as a replacement of sorts for Damon Wayans Jr.’s Coach, whose other show, “Happy Endings,” got renewed who moved out of the loft, Winston initially seemed like he might end up being a straight man of sorts to the show’s wackier front and center characters. Early story lines for him focused on his re-entry into the work force after leaving a career in Europe as a basketball player and while he certainly had his quirkier moments, they often seemed small in comparison to his more bombastic colleagues. But, as the show went on, we were lucky enough to see the writer’s experiment a little with Winston’s personality and give him great moments to shine.


From his complicated relationship with puzzles, to the dramatic monologue/rant he used once to get some ladies away from Nick and out of the loft, to the fact that he named his first child DanBill, Winston was full of wonderfully weird moments. The best, of course, came from his time with Furguson, a cat that he kinda-sorta stole from an ex-girlfriend who went on to become his best friend and the great love of his life (sorry Aly, you’re cool too). When it was revealed (SPOILERS AGAIN FOR THE FINAL SEASON OF “NEW GIRL”) that Furguson had died in an earlier episode of the final season, it proved to be one of the more emotional moments in the series. None of that would have been possible without Winston.


Which brings me back to the series finale, (MORE SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES FINALE, BUT TO BE FAIR, IF YOU’VE READ THIS FAR YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER) where, after learning that they were being evicted from the loft, Nick and Jess enlist Schmidt, Cece and, of course, Winston to help them pack and move to their new home. After reminiscing about their time there together, and playing one more game of True American (which offered a glimpse into a future where they all have kids and still hang out together as we all had hoped), we learn that they didn’t need to actually move out. Because they weren’t actually being evicted. It was all part of the most elaborate ruse Prank Sinatra aka Winston had ever concocted. It was perfect; even though he hadn’t been a part of the show’s initial plan, Winston had become so indispensable that the entire premise of the show’s final episode relied on his strange and wonderful hijinks.


So farewell Winston Bishop aka Winnie the Bish aka Brown Lightning aka Prank Sinatra. You, your weird charm and your penchant for bird shirts will truly be missed.


What do you think? Will you miss “New Girl,” especially Winston? Did you also scream at the sight of the first “Bohemian Rhapsody” trailer? Let me know in the comments. And, as always…


Stay classy.